The Block NZ


PHOTO: Ben Speedy and Tom Waalkens

They’d never even seen The Block NZ before appearing in 2018’s season, but Aucklanders Ben Speedy and Tom Waalkens say the experience is responsible for their next adventure – the Mongol Rally, where they will join around 400 teams driving “crap cars” from Prague to Mongolia in the charity race.

“The whole point is to make the rally as comically difficult as possible,” laughs Ben, of the three-month event which will take them through Europe and Russia before finishing in Mongolia.

Project Manager Tom says while the childhood friends are “always up for a challenge”, their experience on The Block NZ has encouraged them to step even further outside their comfort zone.

“The Block really pushes you so you get a new sense of what’s possible,” says Tom. “It’s given us a taste for adventure.”