PHOTO: The Block Australia 2020

Winners of The Block 2020 Jimmy and Tam Wilkins have lost their $1million prize after their buyer failed to pay for their property.

The couple has been forced to put their home back on the market after cyber security specialist Emese Fajk, 28, failed to pay Channel Nine for the property.

The Block winners Jimmy and Tam with buyer Emese Fajk
The Block winners Jimmy and Tam are being forced to put their home back on the market after their buyer Emese Fajk failed to pay for the house. Photo: Nine

Ms Fajk had reportedly shown Channel Nine receipts of bank transfers, indicating the money had gone through, however it was never received.

The settlement period for the $4.256 million property has now passed, meaning Ms Fajk’s contract is void and the couple has lost their $966,000 profit.

Jimmy and Tam choked back tears as they spoke about the shocking turn while on A Current Affair.

“Here we are now not knowing what’s going to happen. It’s something no one ever saw coming, no one ever expected, but it’s something we now have to deal with,” Jimmy said.

Tam said Ms Fajk even watched the show’s finale at their house with the trio celebrating with a bottle of wine.

“She actually cried with us when the result came over, it was like we knew her as a friend and we welcomed her into our family as a friend,” she said.

Jimmy, Tam and Emese sit at a dinner table in their house
Jimmy and Tam revealed on ACA that they even had Emese over at their house to watch the finale. Photo: Nine

“This was meant to be something huge for us and now it’s just horrible.”