PHOTO: The Block’s Dan and Dani

The Block’s Dan and Dani, who have appeared on the show for two years running, are teaming up with Tradiematepro.

They are also the founders of the Red Door Project with this latest project aiming to help builders and tradies improve processes and transparency. 

Dani said, “too many tradies who run their own business are still providing written quotes and invoices, don’t know their financials and cash-flow, or even how much time they are spending on the job.”

“Those days are gone. If tradies want to thrive in this industry, they want to help educate homeowners that the cheapest quote isn’t always the best – as many are still vulnerable to cowboy tradies whose costs blow out simply because they underquoted the job to get the job.”

“Having systems in place will also help tradies to navigate unexpected hurdles – like the coronavirus, recent fires and floods, which have led to a 3-6 month delay in supply of joinery products, for example, and driving up the costs of some hardwood prices.”