PHOTO: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air | NBC UNIVERSAL VIA GETTY

Will Smith himself will act as the Airbnb host for the “freshest Los Angeles mansion around”

It’s your turn to live like a prince!

On Sunday, Airbnb announced that the iconic mansion from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is now available for rent through its site — and guests will be hosted by none other than Will Smith!

“If this place looks familiar that’s because it’s just as fly as it was when I first rolled up the driveway,” the actor said in a statement on Airbnb. “I’m back. And this time, I’m handing you the keys so you’ll have my wing of the mansion all to yourself — but my sneaker collection is off limits, aight?”

Smith, who identifies himself as an “actor, producer, rapper, philanthropist, prince… and now Airbnb host” notes that the mansion’s actual owners are allowing him to play host for the property for a limited time. “Some may say I’ve done it all, but I’ve never opened the doors to a wing of the iconic mansion that helped launch my career,” Smith said. “It holds a lot of special memories for me and my friends, and I hope you’ll leave with memories (and a dope handshake!) to last you well beyond your stay.”