PHOTO: According to CoreLogic, there are more properties listed nationally than at anytime since 2012. ABC News: Elise Pianegonda

New data shows that there are more properties on the market now than at any time since 2012.

Key points:

  • More properties listed nationally than at anytime since 2012
  • Properties in most capital city spending significantly more time on the market
  • Vendors offering price reductions to encourage buyers
  • Not yet at the bottom of the market, according to Corelogic data

But the tightening of credit rules and pessimism about the future mean buyers are scarce and sellers are being forced to be patient or offer heavy discounts — and sometimes both.

According to CoreLogic research, there are 115,000 houses currently listed across the country, 15 per cent higher than this time last year.

“Properties are being added to the marketplace at a time when conditions are weak,” Tim Lawless of Corelogic told 7.30.