PHOTO: 8 Bloxsom Street, Kedron. Photo: Place Newmarket

A Brisbane vendor has re-written the creative sale playbook after throwing in a luxury car with his Kedron home.

In what could be the ultimate coronavirus-inspired sweetener to seal a high-end property deal, the sleek NX300 Lexus sedan is being plated up with the five-bedroom family abode at 8 Bloxsom Street, ensuring Christmas not only comes early for one lucky buyer, but is also turbocharged.

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While some vendors have been known to throw in a couple of posh-looking plants to get a buyer across the line, selling agent Ross Armstrong of Place Newmarket said the luxe set of new wheels was instead being delivered in a baller move he described as more than just an enticer, but a pandemic mood-buster.

8 Bloxsom Street, Kedron. Photo: Place Newmarket

“The owner is actually school friends with an ambassador for Lexus. So we thought, people are a bit down at the moment … why not offer something extra?” Mr Armstrong said.

And if the sleek sedan doesn’t whet the appetite, Mr Armstrong felt the home surely would, with meticulous design and a wealth of striking features making the classy property one of the most alluring he’d listed in months.