PHOTO: Nikki Taylor, founder, Italy Property Consulting PHOTO CREDIT: MAXIMILLIANO TENUTA

With the rise of COVID-19 cases and seemingly endless political strife, many Americans have been looking to move abroad. In fact, from May to early August of this year, International Living, a website dedicated to living and retiring overseas, says its site’s “How To Move Out of the US” information page saw an increase in traffic by 945% compared to last year. It’s clear that Americans are seeking new surroundings in record numbers. However, for those either looking to escape, invest, or both, the actual process of settling into a new country can be anxiety-inducing, especially without the proper support.

Australian expat turned real estate guru Nikki Taylor moved to Italy in 2014 to follow her dreams and fascination for living La Dolce Vita. An experienced traveler –  having spent 12 years exploring such places as the United Kingdom and South America – she eventually concluded it was time for a change of scenery. “When I moved back to Australia, I never felt settled. I had a fantastic job working in investment banking, a really great lifestyle, but I was on corporate burnout,” Taylor explained in our recent interview. “I reached the point [where] I’ve had enough, and I knew I wanted to make some changes.”

Having visited Italy several times on previous holidays, Taylor made the decision to permanently relocate. But despite her lifelong love of different cultures making the choice seem like an obvious one, there was still one small problem. “I had no idea what I was going to do for work,” she exclaimed. Admittedly leaving a six-figure corporate income to move to a country infamous for its economic instability, Taylor mentioned her decision to commit as the most important factor for following through. “I think the fear of not taking action was bigger than the fear of actually doing it,” she said.