PHOTO: Dr Katrina Warren, pictured with dogs storm and chilli, ensured the home was suitable for pets. Picture: Justin Lloyd Source: News Corp Australia

They would normally command lofty prices but three luxury homes in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney could change hands together for as little as $5.

The homes, including a Kirribilli apartment overlooking the Sydney Harbour and Opera House, form an instant “property portfolio” that is being given away by the veterans’ charity group RSL Art Union.

The group, which conducts regular house lotteries, recently launched the draw, known as the “multi-state trifecta”, and valued the three properties at $2.7 million.

The other properties include an apartment on Flinders St in the Melbourne CBD and a Brisbane apartment on Boundary St.

The combined rental income is just shy of $100,000 per year and the winner also gets $156,000 worth of furniture.

Despite being in the heart of their respective cities, the units come with one unlikely feature: they’re all pet-friendly.

RSL Art Union enlisted prominent vet Dr Katrina Warren to help design the Kirribilli home to be optimal for pet owners and said it would be a lucky owner, and pet, who got to live there.