PHOTO: Reventon director Billie Christofi has built a $10 million property portfolio.  Supplied.

At 37, mother-of-four Billie Christofi presides over a real estate portfolio made up of 20 properties worth a collective $10 million.

Juggling the demands of running a household, a small financial services business and a burgeoning real estate empire is a daily struggle, she acknowledges. A pre-dawn, hour-long workout is necessary each day just to muster the energy to get through it.

But she heeds the words of her grandfather, a Greek migrant and very wise man, that “if on Monday you know how much you are getting paid on Friday, you will never be wealthy”.

She was determined to never live paycheque to paycheque and at 16, started taking steps to build her wealth by investing in property.

Two decades later, that dream remains elusive for many young Australians.