PHOTO: TOM LEE / STUFF Jenny Wotten: “The post office is the centre of Te Puke. You can go there any time and see people you know. All the fundraising for town is done outside of it. We have a large population of seasonal workers who rely on it.”

Success hangs on the other end of a phone, but Jenny Wotten doesn’t know it yet.

The Te Puke Justice of the Peace lets the phone go to voicemail. She is discussing the devastating effect the closure of the Te Puke post office would have on the town and a last-gasp effort from a social enterprise group, Te Puke Centre, to save it.

The plan involves getting the community to pledge at least $50,000 to effectively purchase the post office, as it is today. With just six days before their PledgeMe deadline they still needed about $5000.



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