PHOTO: ROSA WOODS/STUFF Does it matter that the house is on a steep site?

My girlfriend and I are hunting for our first house and have found a little place that is within our budget and we are keen to put forward an offer. But, my mate reckons insurance could be tricky because it’s on a steep site in Wellington. I must admit, this has got us a bit scared. Is there a way we can get insurance for the property before we make an offer? Will the steep site make insurance harder to get? What else do we need to know?

For most Kiwis, your home is probably the single biggest purchase you’ll ever make. It’s a stressful process and it makes sense that you’d want to secure insurance to protect yourselves and your new home from natural disaster, fire or any other accidental events.

Adding “insurance” near the top of your checklist when hunting for a house is now very important as the insurance market is changing.

A bank or lender will want proof that you have arranged property insurance before settlement, even if you have conditional pre-approval with your finances.


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