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Buying a house is potentially the biggest investment of your life, so how do you know the real estate agent is up to scratch?

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The Real Estate Authority is working on guidelines for what makes a ‘fit and proper’ agent and seeking public feedback to ensure they are clear and comprehensive.

Real Estate Authority chief executive Belinda Moffat said there has always been an assessment of people wanting to attain a real estate agent’s licence.

She said the guidelines will include the factors that they have always looked at.

“We’ll look at past convictions, we’ll look at any indications that could call into question the trustworthiness, integrity or honesty of the applicant. We might look at bankruptcy, we can look at disciplinary proceedings.”

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Moffat said although these types of checks have always been done, the authority wants to make that very clear to the public and applicants.

“So that they know what we are looking at and what we expect from somebody who is going to join this profession.”

Moffat said the register assessing the applications will need to be satisfied that applicants meet the criteria.

“For example, if there has been a past conviction and yet we can obtain information from that applicant that time has elapsed, that they can demonstrate rehabilitation, they’ve got evidence of employment – then they may still meet the criteria.”

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But Moffat said in cases where those factors cannot be demonstrated the application may be refused.


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