The Block NZ


PHOTO: PETER MEECHAM/HOMED Sam Cable and Emmett Vallender hold the record for the biggest win on The Block NZ. In 2016, they took home a whopping $480,000 following the sale of their Meadowbank townhouse.

Do the winners on The Block NZ: Firehouse stand to win more than teams in previous years?

On paper, one might think so. The central Auckland suburb of Kingsland is one of the priciest and most sought-after locations we have seen on The Block NZ, which means there’s a good likelihood prices will run away on auction night.

But these are apartments, not houses with land, which could limit the buyer pool.

And in recent years, wins seem to have been curtailed in the wake of the super prizes won from the first show in 2012 right through to 2016. These wins must have made the show’s beancounters grimace – in the past two years it seems as though there have been much higher reserves relative to the likely sale prices. It certainly hasn’t been as easy to make gains. (All teams receive earnings above the reserve, and the winners get an extra $100,000.)

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