PHOTO: Marnie Seinor

“It was a crazy week,” McGrath agent Marnie Seinor said.

Demand continues to exceed supply in the area of Sydney Ms Seinor sells properties, which led to her selling seven homes in 24 hours.

As February 29 approached, she had five homes set to go under the hammer that Saturday, but the day before the auction a buyer came in with an offer that was too good to refuse.

She also had a home that was set to be auctioned three weeks later, but a buyer came in with a deadline, and the owner wanted to sell.

“My vendor lived in Canberra, and the communication on Friday was really long,” Ms Seinor told REB.

The conversations happened while she was at a wedding, but she was lucky she could rely on her sales assistant Connor Mirotsos to finalise the agreement, which went through at midnight.