PHOTO: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.  Photo: AFP

Amazon‘s plans to build giant data centres in Auckland, with promises of investing nearly $8 billion and creating hundreds of jobs, are being hailed as a big deal for “little old New Zealand”.

But commentators say the tech company needs to reveal more, including how it will power the plants, and where the water will come from, before it starts work.

“New Zealand is rightly going to want to demand a whole lot more transparency before they open up shop here,” says Jonathan Milne, Newsroom Pro’s managing editor.

Jeff Bezos

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“Don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot of other things about this Amazon investment that will be really good for us. No one’s going to turn up their noses at the jobs or the technical expertise that they will bring to New Zealand.”

But Milne says there is a “really, really surprising” amount of detail that Amazon won’t disclose.