PHOTO: TV star Jackie Gillies. Pictures: Jeremy Piper Source: News Corp Australia

The Real Housewife of Melbourne reveals how she turns her dreams into reality and the dance style she’s surprisingly good at.

She’s a TV star and psychic medium who is also married to the rock star she used to have a poster of on her bedroom wall, but Jackie Gillies believes nothing happens by chance.

Take being cast in Foxtel’s The Real Housewives of Melbourne. A year before she joined the five other housewives in 2014, she’d pinned an image of six pairs of legs walking down a red carpet on one of what she calls her “vision boards”.

“I’m a big believer in manifesting your thoughts into reality and have been creating vision boards since my late teens,” the 38-year-old explained.

Appearing in four seasons of The Real Housewives of Melbourne made the girl who was given a “most likely to be famous” award at her high school formal, a household name.