PHOTO: The town of Mussomeli is a sleepy one, but isn’t as isolated as some in the region. Picture: Supplied.Source: Supplied

An Aussie has paid for an Italian mansion by spending no more than you would on Macca’s loose change menu. Here’s how he did it.

Imagine being offered a free home and at the end getting something close to a palace.

An Aussie millennial recently flew to Italy hoping to buy a crumbly house for just €1 ($A1.62) but instead grabbed a well-preserved mansion. For the same price.

It’s not a joke.

Mark Kopun, a 32-year-old health coach and renovator from Adelaide has snatched a historic stone building in the picturesque, idyllic town of Mussomeli in deep Sicily, surrounded by sheep-grazing fields and olive groves, for the cost of an espresso.

“A friend of mine called me a few months ago with this awesome, incredible news he saw online that Mussomeli was giving away so many buildings practically for free, I just couldn’t wait. I contacted the town hall and hopped on the first plane to Sicily, rushing there”, Kopun told