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  • The latest jobs figures are out and they show that across the country, only 500 net jobs were created, as full-time work increased at the expense of part-time roles.
  • That will be welcome news to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), which has become increasingly concerned with underemployment — where workers can’t get the hours or the roles they require.
  • Economists are concerned however about the reliance on New South Wales and Victoria when it comes to employment, as both states both look like they might weaken with no one else to pick up the slack.

The Australian economy finds itself in a sticky situation at present, the latest jobs figures show.

They showed just 500 jobs were created across the country in the month of June — just a fraction of the expected 9,000-10,000. In isolation however, that’s not cause for alarm, according to Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) senior economist Gareth Aird, as the creation of more than 21,100 full-time jobs offset the disappearance of around the same number of part-time ones.