PHOTO: Bruce Willis & his wife Emma Heming. FILE

In late March, the film community and fans of Bruce Willis were shaken by the revelation that the actor was suffering from aphasia and therefore his professional career had come to an end.

Since then, at the request of his family, the 67-year-old actor’s case had not been followed up. However, Emma Heming, his own wife recently revealed how complicated it is for her to care for him.

“The amount of care for everyone in my house has taken its toll on my mental health and general well-being, which doesn’t help anyone,” she admitted in an interview with The Bump.

Isolated from the rest of the world

The fact is that seeing how every day a person finds it difficult to express what he wants to say, read and even write, can be devastating for his family members, regardless of their social status or the place where they live.

As far as we know, Bruce remains isolated from the world in the care of his wife Emma, who also takes care of his two daughters Maybel Ray and Evelyn Penn.

Before the actor’s health worsened, the family left their 832 square meter home in the Bedford Corners area of Westchester County, New York, to move to a 1212 square meter house in Brentwood, California.

Trapped inside

According to TMZ, a website dedicated to celebrity news, the property is valued at $10,000,000 and features a movie theater, gym, indoor and outdoor spas, swimming pool and a large kitchen.

In addition, the property has two cabins and a large expanse of land where you can spend most of the day without anyone daring to bother you.

Despite all these amenities, Bruce Willis’ health is not improving and it is even speculated that it is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate with him.