PHOTO: The Mt Remarkable Hotel Motel in Melrose, SA

Beer on tap, a roof over your head and a full time job — for less than the price of a house in Sydney. That’s the lifestyle you can soak up when buying a country pub, and there are plenty out there on the market right now under the million dollar mark.

Mary Birnie, selling agent with Birnie Sanders Hotel Brokers, says buying a country pub has plenty of perks and it’s not just about the grog.

“For good publicans it’s not like hard work, but it can be long hours dealing with the public. The bonus is that you can really become part of the community when you buy a pub, the locals welcome you immediately,” said the South Australian-based agent.

And even though pubs tend to be watering holes for grown ups, Ms Birnie said they can be a great place for kids too.