PHOTO: Karl Reipen

A German millionaire is seeking tenants for his estate on a New Zealand island, which he calls “paradise.”

“I would like to share my ‘paradise’ with nice people, up to 10 (women and men). They could live in houses by two persons and share a beautiful winery for social meetings and dining,” Karl Reipen wrote in an ad that ran in the New Zealand Heraldaccording to

Reipen is inviting people to apply who are 70 years old or younger to live on the property and promises the opportunity to begin a “new life.”

“If you are interested to live a life with a group of interesting people it can be a new life for you,” Reipen continued in the ad, which he has reportedly published twice in the outlet. “You can enjoy walking, fishing, shopping, kayaking, bird watching, swimming, or looking at the nice animals.”