PHOTO: John Kolenda

The Agency’s non-executive director John Kolenda has resigned from his role, effective immediately.

Kolenda joined the board exactly three years ago after growing the retail brokerage giant Finsure Group, which he founded and is the managing director.

He took an initial eight per cent stake in the company, which has been expanded over the past year.

Kolenda played a key role in the acquisition of the east coast real estate firm Top Level Real Estate.

He says his resignation is due to an increased workload in other areas.

“The Agency has grown significantly over a short period and is clearly on track to become one of the largest real estate businesses in Australia”, Kolenda said.

“It has attracted some of the best agents and now we also have the key exectuives in place to continue the growth in driving sustained operation aal and financial growth across the business going forward.

“As a committed shareholder I will continue to follow and support this growth.”

The announcement to the ASX comes with a couple of new appointments at the firm, who yesterday announced that they are on target for a record breaking quarter.