Have you considered Airbnb?

As the home of free property information, provides estimates of market value (our HomesEstimates), rental value (our Rent Estimates) and much more. Now you can also find the Airbnb Estimate, a short-term rental estimate for your property powered by Airbnb.

This month we’ve looked at New Zealand’s top Airbnb towns to see what homeowners in these areas can expect to rent their home out for on Airbnb.

Unsurprisingly, the towns in NZ demanding the highest rates on Airbnb are the holiday hotspots Wanaka and Queenstown. The median Airbnb Estimate in these towns exceeds $6,000 per month*.

One surprising town on the list is Kaikoura where the median Airbnb Estimate is almost $5000. This, coupled with a median HomesEstimate of only $444k, results in a median short-term rental yield of 12.9%. One reason for this could be the high demand for short-term accommodation during the earthquake recovery work in the region.

Although 12.9% yields are nothing to scoff at, these don’t come close to Wairoa where, according to Airbnb, the short-term rental yield is the highest in the country. With the median HomesEstimate in Wairoa being only $152k and a median Airbnb Estimate of $2968, the yield is 22.7%. Although there is high seasonal demand for some on this list (Taumarunui during the ski season, for example), researching the yearly demand in these areas is a must before relying on Airbnb for rental returns.  


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