Kevin Milne


PHOTO: NEW ZEALAND WOMAN’S WEEKLY/BAUER MEDIA Kevin has relished the years he spent as a stay-at-home dad with his youngest child Tommie.

The fireplace in the lounge of the Milne family’s recently purchased Raumati Beach cottage is set and about to be christened.

Linda and daughter Tommie are looking for matches, unsure of where they might be after the melee of the recent move.

Husband Kevin, the Weekly’s consumer columnist, throws open the sliding doors that lead out onto the front deckand generously offers a tip on fire-lighting. A draught, he announces, helps draw the fire.

But one glance across to where the former Fair Go host is standing, and you can forget the fire, the view is jaw-dropping. Kapiti Island looms directly in front of us and waves crash onto the shore just metres away. You can only imagine the sunsets.

The relocation from the 4.7ha Waikanae lifestyle property they owned for 25 years has been bittersweet for Linda, Kevin and their youngest child Tommie, who, at 18, had lived in the big, two-storey, five-bedroomed house her entire life.


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