PHOTO: SUPPLIED Chris Isherwood says landlords’ human rights are being breached.

Property investors say they are being left out of pocket, ignored by measures intended to help support the rest of the New Zealand economy.

As part of its response to the Covid-19 disruption, the Government has imposed a rent freeze on the market for at least the next six months. Landlords who try to raise rents in that time face a $6500 fine.

Tenants will also not be able to be evicted during the lockdown period unless both parties agree, or in limited circumstance – such as when a tenant is more than 60 days late with rent. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said she wants the names of landlords breaking the rules.

Tenants who had previously been told to leave – or who had given notice – can stay. But tenants can terminate their tenancies if they wish.


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