PHOTO: Five steps to help employees move forward after redundancy. Photo credit: Getty.

Redundancy is rising in the wake of COVID-19, but staying positive and connected will help employees move forward more quickly, experts say.

Uncertainty and drops in spending are causing businesses to cut costs and close stores, resulting in thousands of job losses.  Ministry of Social Development (MSD) June figures show 6960 New Zealanders are receiving the COVID-19 income relief payment and 189,720 are receiving jobseeker support.

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As wage subsidies come to an end, economists expect economic conditions to worsen and unemployment levels to rise.

So how should you go about getting back in the game if you’re laid-off? Recruitment and budgeting experts suggest five steps to help people move forward after a job loss.

People who lose their job due to COVID-19 between March 1 and October 30 could be entitled to the COVID-19 relief payment. Entitlement for benefits can be checked using the Ministry of Social Development online tool.