PHOTO: BRADEN FASTIER/STUFF Anastazja Fastier, 38, with her two children Louisa, 3, (left) and Zofia, 5, has been saving for her first home.

After a long overdue pause in the most overheated parts of the market, house prices are again tipped to soar by an average of 18.3 per cent in the next four years.

That is how much Treasury is predicting house prices will rise between now and 2023 – a rise of about $125,000 on the average residential house values cited by Quotable Value for March 2019.

In Auckland that figure is even higher, adding about $190,00 to the average house value of $1.03 million.

For prospective first time buyers like Nelson mother of two Anastazja Fastier, 38, it’s putting the dream of home ownership further out of reach.