PHOTO: REA Group Chief Product and Audience Officer, Melina Cruickshank

REA Group Launches AI-Powered Enhancements for ‘Suggested Properties’ Feature

Real estate platform has introduced a suite of innovative AI-powered features to enhance its popular ‘Suggested Properties’ section on the home screen. The new enhancements include the integration of Generative AI ChatGPT technology, offering users a more personalized and engaging experience.

Investing in AI for Long-Term Growth

Melina Cruickshank, Chief Product and Audience Officer at REA Group, emphasized the company’s commitment to long-term investments and leveraging AI technology where it adds value. She highlighted the continuous efforts of their product, marketing, and engineering teams to enhance user experience for millions of Australians engaging with their platforms.

“Our realEstimate automated valuation model, currently tracking over 35 percent of Australian households, demonstrates the pivotal role of machine learning in our product development process,” Ms. Cruickshank added. She expressed her enthusiasm for the ongoing scale and pace of their work, including the participation of their ML and Data Scientists in a recent Global Hackathon at Princeton University in the USA.

With the advent of new technologies, REA Group envisions significant opportunities in transforming how Australians buy, rent, and sell properties in the future.

Personalized Insights and Enhanced User Experience

The ‘Suggested Properties’ feature utilizes AI to tailor recommendations based on individual user activity, providing real estate agents with valuable insights into high-intent buyers, renters, and sellers. To further enrich this experience, the ChatGPT API has been integrated to introduce a ‘Top Feature’ for each suggested property.

Using the ChatGPT API, listing descriptions for suggested properties are sent, and the system returns a ‘Top Feature’ for each listing. Users can then view the selected ‘Top Feature’ highlighted on their ‘Suggested Properties’ carousel on the home screen, resulting in a more engaging and personalized browsing experience.

Enhanced Agent Recommendations and RealEstimateTM Tracking

In addition to the ‘Suggested Properties’ enhancements, has launched new ML models to predict and recommend agents that best match the preferences and requirements of prospective vendors. This feature highlights agents on the web and app home screens, utilizing algorithms that analyze consumers’ property interests and lifecycle stages.

The recently launched realEstimateTM, powered by PropTrack, tracks nearly four million Australian homes on Supported by a comprehensive multi-channel marketing campaign, the platform now adds a new property every 20 seconds, providing users with accurate and up-to-date information.

REA Group continues to leverage AI and advanced technologies to revolutionize the real estate industry, enhancing the user experience and transforming the way Australians interact with property markets.