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Real Estate CEO and Founder Launches Initiative to Bring the Real Estate Industry Together to Survive CV19 and Thrive Post Lock-down

#NoMatterWhatColourTheLogosAre Supporting and Empowering people across all Sectors of the Industry during CV19

[SYDNEY, NSW 14/4 /20] — One Agency, Founder and CEO, Paul Davies has formed a collaboration with industry figures across all sectors of Real Estate and launched an on-line portal called #NoMatterWhatColourTheLogosAre The initiative was conceived to provide online camaraderie, positivity and support across all sectors during the CV19 lockdown. Launched 15 April, access is available via a Website and a Private Facebook Group.

Mr Davies said “like CEOs across all industries, I’m wanting to support my people. However, after speaking to many, I realised there was an immediate need for a central source of encouragement and education for all members of the industry struggling to adjust to the new way of doing business”.

rescue payments

$2,000 rescue payments for tenants

#NoMatterWhatColourTheLogosAre was conceived over the course of a dozen phone calls and a flurry of emails to industry contacts, whilst coordinating the work-from-home transition for One Agency head-office. Mr Davies said “our model was built on a foundation of embracing innovation and dispensing with old-ways in order to minimise operating costs. We’ve been setting up businesses this way since 2008 and I felt compelled to share these skills so others can survive the next 4 to 6 months. And, it didn’t take long to find others across the industry that felt equally compelled.”

Once lock-down is lifted there will be a flood of business as a consequence of pent-up demand, Mr Davies said “#NoMatterWhatColourTheLogosAre mission is to support the personal well-being of all in the industry and to encourage the use of new technologies and ways of doing business. This will enable us all to better support past, present and future clients and be in a position to do some terrific business at the other end.”


Paul Davies has worked in Real Estate for 40 years, as an Agent, and business owner. He launched One Agency in 2008, following the rise of property portals, the growth of digital technology and the resultant changes in the way property was transacted. One Agency’s mission is to empower business owners to grow profitable and sustainable businesses – so they’re not vulnerable to the vagaries of changing markets – by keeping more of what they earn.