PHOTO: Hayden Cox  – YOUTUBE

He was the schoolboy wonder, the northern beaches kid who started his surfboard shaping business while still at school. Now selling in 70 countries, married and a dad Hayden Cox is moving on from Palm Beach.

Innovative surfboard shaper Hayden Cox has sold his designer home in Palm Beach but is staying on the northern beaches where he grew up.

The surfboard guru, now 37, is married with a baby daughter and about to open a second surfboard store in Los Angeles.

He is a real success story for the northern beaches starting his surfboard shaping business aged just 15 while still at high school.

The keen young surfer broke his first board, couldn’t afford a new one so got himself work experience at a local surfboard manufacturer and learned how to a shape a board. By the time he finished school he was making two or three boards a week and had his own website.

Now Haydenshapes is based in Mona Vale and has an outlet in the US.

In 2017 in the Man of the Year Awards Mr Cox won man of innovation and his surfboards have won surfboard design of the year for three years.

Mr Cox launched FutureFlex in 2006 creating carbon fibre frame surfboard technology, his signature look is monochromatic black and white and his boards sell in more than 70 countries.