Taranaki man

PHOTO: Levi Fletcher believes he’ll have a house of his own by the end of the year. Source: Seven Sharp

Owning your own home is a dream for many Kiwis, but as we all know, it’s not easy getting onto the property ladder.

So, a Taranaki man’s thinking outside the box.

Levi Fletcher didn’t have a deposit, but he did have a very fetching clay tomato.

He decided to trade it for something of higher value and keep on trading up until he gets his own home.

Home right now for the 22-year-old is a rented studio where he lives with his partner and daughter.

“I didn’t get KiwiSaver at first. I thought it would be better to buy hot chips. And all the other things that when you’re young you think are important,” Fletcher told Seven Sharp.

He’s now on the KiwiSaver ladder, and with the hot chips behind him he’s now focusing on tomatoes.

One clay tomato to be precise.