The Block


PHOTO: MEDIAWORKS Amy and Stu did put the cat amongst the pigeons as expected. They scored the highest marks in bathroom week, but will they be penalised for possible cheating?

It takes bathroom week to really sort out the rookies from the pros on The Block NZ: Firehouse.

And what a nightmare week it is, with three teams not even close to finishing – two of them don’t get a single tile laid. This is a first for The Block in eight seasons.

It’s brutal, and it’s all their own fault. If you are going to mess around wanting stuff that takes up a lot of your tradies’ time, then you are not going to finish. It is not like they weren’t warned.

By the end of the week, there are just two teams chasing the $7000 prize money for winning the room reveal. And at the end of the reveal, there are still two teams chasing the money. Because the producers leave it on a cliffhanger, which won’t go down well with fans.


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