PHOTO: One Agency – Paul Davies

Paul Davies Explains our Real Estate Business Model: One Agency is Australia and New Zealand’s fastest growing group. This is why and this is what it can do for you: No Franchise Fees – Keep 100% Commission – A simple license agreement and a low cost fast set up and a monthly set fee of under $1,000 + GST per month. Keep 100% of your hard earned fees, conduct sales, rentals, industrial, commercial, whatever you please. Any size business big or small all the same. No reporting at all. It’s your business you are only answerable to yourself. A shopfront or not. That’s your call. I say if you don’t need it, don’t add to your costs. The focus should always be on profitability and sustainability. Personalise your brand. You are the brand. One Agency’s individualised branding is striking, and proven and designed to highlight you in your marketplace.