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PHOTO:UNKNOWN/STUFF.CO.NZ Rob and Anna Graves have swapped working for airlines to real estate as a Covid-19 pivot.

Airline crew grounded and out of job due to Covid-19 are swapping the skies for solid ground, saying it is a natural pivot for their skills.

Michael Seymour, owner and director of Tall Poppy Real Estate New Zealand, says pilots, cabin crew and even travel agents are pivoting their skills and careers to real estate.

“To achieve in both industries, you need dedication to customer services and a laser-like focus. The shift to real estate is a logical one – few people have the interpersonal skills of experienced cabin crew who navigate all sorts of personalities and situations in the sky, while pilots are incredibly precise, with details and processes,” Seymour said.


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Coming out of lockdown, he said the business had around 20 sales consultants come on board – five from the airline industry, and growing.

One is airline pilot Rob Graves who has qualified as a real estate agent for Tall Poppy, and operates under the “Property Pilots” umbrella.



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