PHOTO: JASON DORDAY/HOMED – Rochelle and Joel Payne, who are building a rammed earth house with a 10 Homestar Design rating, are disappointed their build won’t be featuring on Grand Designs NZ. They are aiming for a 10 Homestar Built rating and Living Building Challenge certification, which is likely to be the first in New Zealand.

A pioneering rammed earth building project that will see no waste leave the site has been rejected for the Grand Designs NZ TV series.

Rochelle and Joel Payne of Beachlands say they’re “a bit floored” the show no longer wants to feature their project after a year-and-a-half of talks, especially after they were encouraged to apply.

“They were really excited about it at the start, but then the staff (at Imagination TV) kept changing,” says Rochelle Payne.