Freedom camping

PHOTO: LORNA THORNBER Te Kaha: Old-school Kiwi camping at its finest.

Steer clear of the beach- and bush-fouling freedom campers this summer and park up at one of the country’s last bastions of properly peaceful free campsites.  

With the December to February period looking to be the busiest on record, these alternatives to the tried, true and often-trashed hot spots are certainly worth considering.  

Waiponga Reserve, Opoutere, Coromandel 

You might think you’re safe heading to a beach up or down the coast from eternal summer hot spot Whangamatā, but that’s what half the campers think these days. Hence the full-to-bursting campgrounds in both Whanga and peaceful-off-peak Onemana. Head a few kilometres up the road to Opoutere though and you’ll find the perfect setting for a good old-fashioned Kiwi summer getaway.


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