Mortgage Link


PHOTO: Mortgage Link

Mortgage Link has announced its partnership with Pivotal Financial, the Australian and New Zealand financial arm of the real estate network RE/MAX.

Pivotal Financial is an adviser group which handles new loans and refinancing, and is supported by the global real estate portfolio of RE/MAX. Mortgage Link Managing Director Josh Bronkhorst says the partnership will give its own advisers “a tremendous opportunity to work with real estate agents from a globally renowned brand,” and to offer quality advice to more New Zealanders.

“We are partnering with the world’s most productive real estate group, and our experienced financial advisers now team up with top-class real estate specialists to provide an exceptional service for New Zealand customers,” Bronkhorst said.

RE/MAX New Zealand Managing Director Michael Davoren says the company is looking forward to working with Mortgage Link, and will be utilising its strong local connections to support its distribution. He says the partnership will give both Mortgage Link and RE/MAX clients access to a complete service under one umbrella, and will make the buying and selling process more relaxed and secure.


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