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PHOTO: Australian property market 

Where are the 20 most expensive cities for property in Australia? You’ll be surprised….

If Sydney and Melbourne’s toppling house prices hadn’t sunk in yet, perhaps this news will. Australian property market research firm and buyers agency Propertyology just released figures on the nation’s most expensive cities for housing, and let’s just say the results were surprising. Listing the top 40 median house prices as of December 2018, it seems Sydney – once Australia’s most expensive city to buy property – has been pushed off the top. In fact, the country’s most populous city has been beaten by a town that boasts just 34,000 people, ranking 73rd in population size.

“With a population of just 34,500 people and a median house price as at December 2018 of $987,500, Australia’s most expensive city is Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales,” confirms Propertyology’s head of research Simon Pressley. “Byron’s median house price increased by a whopping 64 per cent over the past five calendar years, propelling it to the top of the national table.”