Stephanie Muller Pallares

PHOTO: ABIGAIL DOUGHERTY22-year-old Stephanie Muller Pallares (right) bought her first home from her best friend Emily Lohm (left) who also built it.

Buying your first home has never been tougher. In our On the ladder series, we talk to Kiwis who’ve made it onto the property ladder and others who, by choice or not, are still renting.

Like many 22-year-olds, Stephanie Muller Pallares is still paying off student loans, and has a small Kiwisaver nest egg that’s yet to be touched. 

Unlike many graduates, Muller Pallares is a homeowner. 

She bought a 25sqm tiny home on Auckland’s Hibiscus Coast from her best friend, Emily Lohm, and pays $50 a week to rent a suburban quartre-acre, three minutes from the beach.


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