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Like many other Kiwi businesses during COVID, the company I started 14 years ago, Propellor Property Investments, along with our other businesses in the Metropolis Group faced challenging times.

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During this period, I also dealt with health issues which necessitated me handing over some of the day to day running of the company to others in the team.

Similar to other businesses impacted by the pandemic, we entered into an arrangement with the IRD regarding a small amount of tax owed. Unfortunately, without my knowledge payments to the IRD were not kept up and the IRD declined to continue the arrangement.

Nikki Connors

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Because of my health situation I have decided to reduce my workload and focus on continuing to grow Propellor Property Investments. We will have the funds available by mid-July at which time any monies owing to the IRD will be paid in full.

I started Propellor Property 14 years ago during the global financial crisis and in this time have helped over 1000 Kiwis and their families successfully invest in property. We have never had one complaint and a great number of our investors return to us time and again.

Connors started Propellor Property Investments in 2009

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I have run free seminars to mentor many women on how to start a business and am incredibly proud of what many of them have gone on to achieve.

I am particularly gratified by the messages of support from both strangers and Propellor clients. Propellor Property Investments will continue help people invest in property and I look forward to focusing on this.

Nikki Connors