PHOTO: SUPPLIED Shayna Blaze, Andrew Winter and Charlie Albone in Selling Houses Australia

We love snooping around other people’s houses, don’t we?

“Oh we absolutely love to,” enthuses Selling Houses Australia host Andrew Winter.

The chance to pry inside the lives of other people is one of the reasons for the success of the long-running series in which Winter, interior designer Shayna Blaze (The Block Australia) and landscaper Charlie Albone help enhance the appeal of homes that are proving difficult to sell.

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But Winter has some other ideas about what makes the series such a hit.

“I think the appeal to the viewer is just me,” he jokes, before adding, “The beauty of the format is that it’s just about real people having trouble selling their houses, which a lot of people go through.”

The forthright opinions of the charismatic presenter, who is originally from the UK but has lived in Australia since 2005, have made him a popular figure on screen.