Best Nude Beaches


Clothing can feel so restricting, ya know? That’s why sometimes you just want to let it all hang out, and be surrounded by other folks who are also naked. There’s no better place to wear your birthday suit than on a nude beach.

It can be freeing to strip down and hang out totally naked in a public place. It can also be fun to see other people’s naked bodies, and not even necessarily for the “horny” aspect, but because it’s liberating. Often, we are the harshest critics of our own bodies—but when we see other people’s bodies, it allows us to feel more comfortable about ourselves. We realize that we all have blemishes, and no one is flawless. In fact, most nude beaches are very de-sexualized spaces. It’s not about sex at all, but about appreciating the human body in all its glorious forms.

With the COVID vaccine on the way, here’s to hoping that come summer, we’ll all be able to lay out with our buns out. But where can you find one of these magical clothes-free places? We’ve made a list of 12 of our favorite nude beaches across the globe. Some of these nude beaches are a little less public, in case you’re feeling a little shy. Some are part of larger sex resorts. All of them give you an opportunity to see and be seen while completely nude.

Get your passports ready! And do forget to pack a swimsuit.

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