PHOTO: Christine Quinn – Selling Sunset

Christine Quinn, the popular “villain” from Netflix’s Selling Sunset, has made a splash in yet another medium. First real estate, then streaming television, now adult magazines – more specifically, Playboy.

Quinn – whose Instagram account proves she’s no stranger to crafting sensual images – posed nude for Playboy’s latest issue. The reality TV star bared it all (well, almost) in a steamy photoshoot at Chateau Rose Villa in Bel Air.

But who is Christine Quinn?

In this golden age of streaming, when we get hit with twenty new shows every week, it can be hard to keep up with every new emerging TV personality. It’s understandable if Selling Sunset fell between the cracks of your binge watching, even during a global pandemic. And if you’re not aware of Selling Sunset, odds are you haven’t taken part of the Christine Quinn experience yet.

Believe it or not, Selling Sunset is on its third season, heading for a fourth one (so maybe you should’ve heard about it by now, after all). The Netflix reality TV hit documents the adventures of attractive realtors working for the renowned Oppenheim Group’s real estate brokerage firm. Christine Quinn is one of the realtors, and perhaps the most memorable of them all. She gets the “villain edit”!