Nicola Reeves

PHOTO: Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves. 

Police Launch Intensified Search for Missing Christchurch Real Estate Agent Yanfei Bao

Stepped-Up Efforts in Ongoing Investigation

Christchurch Police have ramped up their efforts to locate Yanfei Bao, a real estate agent who went missing under mysterious circumstances.

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Last Known Whereabouts and Investigation Update

Bao’s last known sighting was on July 19th, when she was showing a property on Trevor St, Hornby. A week later, her disappearance was officially declared a homicide investigation.

Search Focus and Recent Developments

In recent weeks, law enforcement agencies have concentrated their search in the Halswell River and Greenpark areas. Search experts have been deployed both on land and in the water and air. Notably, there has been an increased police presence at a property situated at the intersection of Hudsons and Davidsons roads. Approximately 20 emergency service personnel, including Fire and Emergency New Zealand, participated in the search, with specific attention given to a pond on the property.

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Confirmation from Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves

Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves confirmed that these operations are part of the ongoing investigation, with the valuable assistance of Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Suspect and Legal Proceedings

A 52-year-old man from Bryndwr has been charged with the alleged murder of Yanfei Bao. During his initial court appearance, the accused pleaded not guilty to both the murder charge and the charge of kidnapping. He has been remanded in custody with interim name suppression and is scheduled to appear in the High Court at Christchurch on September 1st.

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Police Appeal for Information

Reeves urged the public to come forward with any information related to the case, stating, “Police believe that critical items connected to the case may have been discarded in the Christchurch area sometime between approximately midday on Wednesday, July 19, and about 5 pm on Saturday, July 22.” The items in question include a brand new spade, a tracksuit, and a top. Anyone who may have witnessed unusual behavior during this timeframe is urged to contact the police.

Investigation Targets Handprint at Property of Interest in Case of Missing Christchurch Real Estate Agent, Yanfei Bao

Commitment to Finding Yanfei Bao

Reeves emphasized the police’s unwavering commitment to locating Yanfei Bao and reuniting her with her family. To date, more than 280 pieces of information have been provided by the public to aid in the investigation.

“There’s been a tremendous response from the public,” noted Reeves.

Detective Brent Menzies, who heads the search efforts for Operation Helo, underscored the significant time and resources dedicated to the search. He emphasized that there are no plans to scale back the operation, and everyone involved is resolute in their determination to find answers for Yanfei’s family and bring closure to this distressing case.

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